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Eyes Are On The Data

Issue #1: July 4, 2020 | by Whisper Alford Wels

2020 CBC COVID19 Black Agenda Scorecard sneak peek.

Eyes Wide Open

Why This is Not The Time to Return to Business as Usual

Eyes are on the data.

  • According to NBC Los Angeles as of June 4, 2020, "21,750 black people have died of COVID-19 complications" and "Black people make up 13% of the U.S. population, and yet they account for 24% of deaths where race is known."

  • To petrify the extent of this health crisis for ADOS, the Root states, "Across the world, coronavirus cases are popping up again. But in few other countries has the virus had as disastrous a toll as it has in America, which has failed to meet the challenge of managing the worst public health crisis in the century.


  • It’s worth asking if that mismanagement is due, in part, to who has been suffering most from the virus....nearly a third of Black Americans (31%) say they know someone firsthand who has been killed by COVID-19...This far eclipsed Latinx and white Americans’ personal exposure to how deadly the virus can be...

  • Science Magazine states, "Today in Washington, D.C., 45% of COVID-19 cases but 79% of deaths are of black people. As of late April, black people made up more than 80% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Georgia, and almost all COVID-19 deaths in St. Louis. Similar trends have been seen for black and South Asian patients in the United Kingdom..." 

  • They go on to say, "The 1918 pandemic revealed the racial inequalities and fault lines in health care,” Gamble says. At the time, black doctors and nurses hoped it would prompt improvements. “But nothing changed. After the pandemic there were no major public health efforts to address the health care of African Americans.”

Is this a time to return to "business as usual", healthcare as usual or politics as usual?


With the aim to prevent history from repeating itself, a CBC COVID19 Black Agenda is being created to hold those accountable who claim to represent Black Americans. 

The CBC states on their website, "The role of the CBC at this historic moment is to identify, fight for, and win the best legislative change and the maximum level of resources possible to help the Black community not just survive the pandemic, but prepare to thrive in the aftermath." 

Their site also call on us to "SPEAK UP & SPEAK OUT " to "discuss the different ways COVID-19 is impacting Black America." We hope this scorecard serves as a tool to help the public to speak up and speak out on this issue.

From research to date, currently 0% of Congressional Black Caucus members have a dedicated COVID19 for Blacks area/page on their website. There are, however CBC members with dedicated COVID19 areas/pages for other groups. For example, CBC member:

The next scorecard is focused on the Congressional Black Caucus and COVID19 as it relates to Black American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS).


There will be 3 areas scored:


  1. Legislative Agenda

  2. Advocacy

  3. Impact

Each area will be released to the public in phases with a final cumulative scorecard scheduled for release in August 2020.

The Legislative Agenda Team conducted a careful analysis of the following data: CBC submitted list of priorities to Nancy Pelosi, ADOS Black Agenda submitted to Congress titled, Direct Significant Emergency Healthcare Resources To The Most Vulnerable Black Americans Descended from Persons Enslaved in the U.S.

The Advocacy Team conducted a careful analysis of the following data: CBC member website and Twitter content for each member.

The Impact Team area gathered data from government databases in the areas of econonic and health impacts of COVID19 and recent COVID19 legislation as it pertains to Black American Descendants of Slavery.

Features of the Legislative Agenda scorecard include:

  • Black lineage category with evidence doc

  • Evidence docs for all scoring 

  • Ability to filter scorecard by state

  • Clickable link to phone script and email template for public outreach to local representatives

  • Links to CBC member website and Twitter accounts

Legislative Agenda scores will be published this week here.

This scorecard is a joint-venture project between the Black Agenda Scorecard and the ADOS Assembly Joint Committee. 

Note: A new update of the 2020 Presidential Black Agenda Scorecard coming soon.



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Would you like to see the fraternity or sorority each CBC member was in? 


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